FALCO Logo Design

I was approach by Maddy Falconer to design a logo for her new dance company, FALCO. Maddy is fellow Class of 2023 Glorya Kaufman School of Dance student. Because of my love of dance and design, I was more than excited to take on this project.

I value collaboration in my processes to ensure the final result is a reflection of both the client’s vision and my own artist voice. Based on our first meeting, I supplied many font types and encouraged Maddy to tell me what spoke to her. I find that supplying multiple examples for my client to reference at meetings allows them to better articulate exactly what they expect of my design.

My final design for the FALCO logo explores connecting points between letters to symbolize movement. The ‘CO” and the end of the word is connected separately to represent the abbreviation of “company”.



Kayla works with patience, curiosity, and professionalism. I went to Kayla with nothing more than a name, but I felt seen and taken care of in her meticulous and thoughtful process. In working with Kayla, I gained clarity on the mission, movement, and shape of my work through a simple logo that captured my entire brand identity. I will definitely be going back to Kayla for continued brand development and would recommend her to anyone starting something new that needs help establishing their brand image.

Maddy Falconer, Founder of FALCO Company

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