SCCC Logo Design

I was approached by Maddy Falconer and Eileen Kim, Presidents of the Southern California Choreographic Collective (SCCC), to reinvent their organization’s logo. The purpose of SCCC is “to create a platform for Kaufman students to create self-produced work and to collaborate with students from different schools at USC, as well as to bridge the gap between being students at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance and becoming versatile, employable professionals”.

I am inspired by the work that SCCC does to create a secure and creative environment for Kaufman students and other artists within the USC community. Their events are reflective of party culture that we are encouraged to explore, but allows for the influence of USC’s unique culture to create a space where students can feel at home. I joined the Board as the Logo and Merchandise Chair in 2022.

My goal was to create a logo that was reflective of the 3 principles in which SCCC base their work: creativity, collaboration, and community. I wanted the logo to be appropriate for business purposes, as the SCCC applies to multiple grants to seek funding each year.

Below are some of the fonts I presented to Maddy and Eileen. We formed a collaborative environment often playing around with different formats to originate the designs to reflect the organization.

Due to the multi-faceted nature of the SCCC, I made the executive decision to create two distinct, but closely related designs. I made one horizontal logo for business use, and carefully crafted a circular logo that was influenced by a sketch Maddy drew. I interviewed the Presidents and encouraged them to share any fonts, colors, and sketches they liked to inspire my creative thinking. The circular design of the second logo represents community support derived from the circles and cyphers from African American social dance culture.


After finalizing the logo, I was tasked with designing and ordering merchandise for SCCC. My purpose was creating something dancers could move comfortably in and feel good wearing. I organized a photoshoot for USC Kaufman seniors to model the shirts and tote bag. I photographed and edited pictures to be promoted on the SCCC Instagram (@sccc_official) as pictured above.

I am immensely proud of the work I did for SCCC. My hope is this logo will be a lasting symbol for artistic exploration, community engagement, and personal expression among peers when seen on a shirt, on an event flyer, and on grant applications to Los Angeles.


We worked with Kayla to bring our outdated organization brand into the current light. We aren’t in-the-know to some trends, so we gave Kayla the reins and she exceeded our expectations. Kayla made a bold logo that captured the movement and creativity of the organization. We further commissioned her for merchandise design which was one of our best decisions. After rebranding, our organization’s community and social media engagement skyrocketed. Kayla’s magic with her work. We recommend Kayla to anyone who wants to freshen up their brand!

Maddy Falconer, President of SCCC 2021-2023

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  1. Hello Kayla,

    I am so proud of the work you are doing and I love the logo you created for SCCC!

    Much love, Bebe


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