My Favorite (Backstage) Snacks

It is important to make sure active bodies stay healthy and well feed. Good food provides our bodies with energy and protein, which is necessary for proper muscle growth and high performance levels. During Nutcracker season (September through December), I experimented with multiple recipes to take backstage with me. Here are my favorite snacks I packed myself for long rehearsals days:

1) Frozen Smoothie


To make this snack, you might have to do a little planning. First, find any recipe on the internet that sounds good to you. Be sure to pick one that includes healthy fruits and vegetables. I recommend adding spinach to any ice-based smoothie, for it is an easy was to get a serving of vegetables, but has a weak taste at the same time. Prepare your smoothie the night before, put it in a water bottle, and place that in the freezer. When I wake up the next morning, I put my smoothie in my bag, and by lunch, it has melted to perfection!

2) Avocado Tomato Pasta


At first, I wasn’t sure about this pasta, but after one taste, I was hooked. This snack can be eaten cold or hot, which is convenient when I take this to go. First, you cook your favorite type of pasta. I tend to go with a tri-colored bowtie pasta. Afterwards, you add sliced avocado and tomato. I recommend adding feta cheese on top as well. It is so quick, yet so good, and includes almost every food group.

3) Egg and Ham Croissant


This protein packed snack is my go-to after a hard show. Protein is important to take in after a workout so that your body has the food it need to rebuild muscle and repair/strengthen bones. I simply take any croissant and add eggs and meat, usually ham. I cook the ingredients separately, for they all require different cooking methods. Sometimes, I will also add spinach so that I am taking in a vegetable.

4) Peanut Butter/Banana/Honey Sandwich


This is one of the best snacks for athletes. Bananas are a great post-workout fruit that reduces cravings and fill me up quick. The peanut butter, packed with potassium, has immunity boosting vitamins that protected my system from sickness during flu season. Before packing this snack, I like to add honey to the sandwich to add more flavor.

I hope this gave you ideas for new snacks to keep your body healthy and happy!

♡ Kayla Goldsberry